Flying Phobia Courses

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flying phobia courses
I have a phobia of being absorbed in the sky / space?

If you look at the sky I feel as if, suddenly, I'm going to throw violently against me in heaven will (like a dart flying up). Especially if I'm lying on my back, it seems so scary to watch the sky I press the grass, sometimes. It is comparable to a fear of heights, but instead of being afraid to look down afraid to look me up, especially in tall buildings ball. What makes it frightening is the fact that I would be helpless if they happen (I know, of course, is impossible and illogical, but it's just a sudden impulse I). Note: Not all the time or as serious as it seems, simply occurs at random, if I do not think about it, I'm fine. Is this normal or is the only case like this you've heard?

Used to feel that way about the ocean. That magically teleport me in the middle of the ocean. Not by sharks or something, but I wandered for hours in vain to find civilization. And if I was watching Animal Planet or something to do with the ocean, I panic and change channels. This fear was eventually … However, you can think of something I could not: Your death will be quick and painless if you get sucked into space.

Fear Of Flying: How To Overcome Flying Phobia

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