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Flying Phobia – What’s the Best Answer to Your Fear of Flying?

Most people love travelling but not all of them are comfortable with particular means of transportation like flying. Aircraft and air transportation have been one of the most significant and helpful contributions of science, yet there many people who develop a certain fear of flying. This particular flying phobia has many diverse factors why such anxiety disorder developed in some people. Despite innovative breakthroughs that the aviation industry has developed to ensure safe and enjoyable travel among passengers, research shows that there is still a high percentage of those suffering aerophobia. What are the signs to show you have a flying phobia?

There are various elements that could mean you have certain psychological issues especially when travelling through air. These symptoms may not be directly connected or spring out of a person’s flying experience, but aircraft travel may even make them more difficult to deal with.

- You may have the tendency of being tense and stressed especially when flying or even the mere thought of it strikes you. This may lead to other physical reactions like fatigue, nausea, headache or other physical discomfort. – You may experience a prolonged and abrupt panic attack especially prevalent during or prior to your flight. – You have extreme reactions and concerns about weather conditions, sounds and certain kinds of turbulence during the flight.

- You may be extremely afraid of heights and are anxious when hearing about aircraft accidents or other problems regarding air travel.

What is the best answer to your flying problem?

Flying phobia like any other fear can be overcome and conquered only if you have the determination and right disposition to combat your issues. The first thing is to really acknowledge and face your fears. After you are convinced that you truly want to emerge triumphant in your quest, then you can embark on some steps that could reduce being afraid of flying.

Here is the list of some answers to a fear associated with flying:

- Take psychotherapy or counselling help to address these psychological issues that are bothering you, that affect your attitude and perspective towards flying. Some of these issues especially those in the past are important to identify since they may be the root of your predicament.

- Those who prefer online self-help books and courses may also consider using this option. There are many helpful online sources that are specially made to cater to specific personal needs and demands in solving aerophobia. Sources are rapidly increasing and are widely recognized and accepted, videos, audios, books, and even internet blogs that tackle the fear of flying and how to answer this problem. Flying phobia is rooted in a number of sources and may result in countless and oftentimes alarming dilemmas. Thus, finding potential answers to address and finally resolve this anxiety disorder is a must if you intend to enjoy a great safe way to travel to places of your choice.

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Knowing the Symptoms Is the Key in Conquering Fear of Flying

The Fear of flying or aviophobia (the technical term for the phobia) is thought of as quite common among people who travel often by air.

What is it that makes flying safe? Did you know that flying is the safest form of travel, and Statistics prove it? That is because the airplane is managed by a professional and licensed pilot who spent years honing his flying skills. Apart from that, proprietors of airline companies spend billions of dollars on amenities of great quality not only to ensure the safety of their passengers but also to make sure that they are comfortable throughout their flight.

Apart from that, no plane ever takes off without stringent inspection-mechanical and technical aspects-by a crew of people who are also specialists in the field of flying. This is to safeguard that there will be no problems when the aircraft is in the air. And remember all airline companies adhere with AIR Transportation guidelines to ensure that they are following all the rules of safe flying.

The key to success in overcoming aviophobia:
Therapist who deals with people to get rid of their fear of flying thinks that even though air travel is safe, the many individuals who fear it keep on increasing. This is because the fear itself is a phobia that is difficult to rationalise. So, an effective way to go about it is for you to comprehend what you are afraid of in air travel. Once you know what it is about flying that you fear the most then the issue can be gradually tackled.

Once you know what it is that you fear in air travel the next thing to do is to be more acquainted about the symptoms of the phobia. Specialists in the subject say that every individual has different experiences and responses to their phobia. Even though the degree and intensity of these fears may differ, there would be commonalities in these symptoms-they are displayed through psychological, emotional, and physical, aspects.

1. The simplest way to identify aviophobia is by the physical symptoms. The Physical symptoms may consist of severe changes in respiration, vomiting, nausea, dizziness. Other familiar symptoms consist of excessive sweating involuntary muscle tensions, and slight to severe tremors of the body.

2. Trust concerns are the chief offenders when it comes to the emotional symptoms. This is because your fears are linked to your emotional responses. The hindrance here is that you do not trust the people who will be handling the flight. You think that the pilot and all the cabin crew will not be capable to protect you should anything go wrong during the course of the flight that is why the panic attacks sink in.

3.overcoming The trickiest part to deal with in conquering the fear of flying is the psychological aspect because you will need to seek out professional help for the psychological problems to be dealt with. These problems may include matters of self-control, the lack of ability to cope, and the struggle to fight the fear that comes over you when the airplane starts to take off. Good Luck!

About the Author

About the Author:

Dion Daly is a certified trainer in hypnosis, a master practitioner in NLP and TLT. He also has a degree in metaphysics.

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flying phobia

Fear of Flying

Aerophobia, aviatophobia, aviophobia. These are all terms that refer to a fear. This fear is a fear of flying. A flying phobia is not uncommon. A fear of flying may represent flying in a plane or an offshoot of another type of phobia, such as claustrophobia or acrophobia. These are a fear of enclosed spaces and a fear of heights, respectfully. Other examples are a fear of not being in control of your environment or situation, a fear of a terrorist attack or being hijacked, a fear of water, and a fear of fear itself.

If you have to travel long distances often, such as for business, this can pose a real problem and cause a great deal of anxiety. On a more personal note, a fear of flying may prevent you from taking family vacations or visiting your loved ones who live out of town. A flying phobia will cause you to have limitations on how you live your life.

The anxiety of a person who has a flying phobia causes you to have the typical anxiety symptoms that are felt with any type of fear. Some of these symptoms are nausea, vomiting, a tightness in your chest or in your throat, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, sweating, tremors, and even a full-blown panic attack complete with hyperventilating. It is not comfortable for the sufferer and it is not comfortable for those around the sufferer, as they are helpless in what they can do to comfort you. If the person who suffers with a fear of flying has had a bad experience in the past while flying this will only increase their problem.

Treatment for a flying phobia is highly recommended for the person who fears flying. Various types of help can be sought out for this problem. This help comes in the form of educating the person, therapy, either private individual therapy or group therapy, self-help books and audio tapes. There are even virtual reality sessions that you can take to help overcome this phobia, as well as many online internet courses. Another method either alone or in combination with the above suggestions is medication. It is better though if the person did not rely on medication, but therapy alone. However, some people are not able to overcome their anxiety without this additional form of treatment.

For those that do suffer from a fear of flying, seek help as soon as possible. There is no reason to limit yourself and miss out on some very enjoyable experiences. Remember, if you must travel long distances flying is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. Over 3 million people choose air travel every day as their mode of transportation and this is a very safe way to get to where you want and need to go. Do not let anxiety bring you down and put a damper on life. Seek help today.

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